Dedicated to all the people struggling through these difficult economic times.

I am a Politician man
Born and raised for the task
Ever since I was a little boy
I was destined to be your Congressman
I am sorry you don't see me much
so hard to keep in touch
but now I am running again
I need your vote to keep me in

"Oh folks I need your vote
to help SAVE the World I love
Know I will do the best I can
I'm your Politican Man

I didn't rise up from a slum
No that's not where I am from
It's from the back of my Daddy's Yacht
and the best of Country Clubs
Folks don't misunderstand
I am FOR the working man
Though I NEVER worked 8 to 5
I can truly "sympathize"

Maserati sits out front
I swear she's so much fun
Bought by your average Businessman
Just for lending a helping hand
Now my Wife loves my BUCKS
Lets me run around as much
with any Woman that I choose
as long as it ain't FRONT PAGE NEWS

(c) (p) Harry Leidel 2011